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product title:

visit in Coal mine no. 3, afternoon

Departure date:

7 August 2023


Pickup and drop-off at your accommodation in Longyearbyen. For airport returns, please send us a request prior to your scheduled booking.

First part of the tour will take place in the outside facility where machines and equipment were left behind when production stopped. You will then be taken into a tunnel of the mine that was excavated in the 70s. In the mine you can see the entrance to the old seed bank as well as the Arctic World Archive.

During your visit you are given the option to crawl in one of the narrow mining shafts and experience the rough working conditions the miners experienced on a daily basis.

Wear a miners coverall, helmet and headlamp as you start your mining adventure. Dress well for the visit as the facility’s temperature is close to the outdoor temperature. A warm jacket, preferably woollen layers, gloves, hat, scarf and good shoes are recommended.

We require minimum 2 guests to hold a tour.

Age limit: 12 years old.

Basic price:

850,- per person


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