Adventsfjorden kayak adventure

Join us on the kayak trip in Adventfjorden. This is one of Svalbard’s most historical fjords, surrounded by mountains close to 1000m asl. Experience the contrasts between the modern society of Longyearbyen, and the historical north side of Adventfjorden with remains of a proud coal production. We will enjoy a lunch on the shore. On this kayak trip you will get closer to the magical nature of Svalbard, and share an exiting way to explore the Arctic. Everything within our safe limits, so the trip will suit all persons who are inspired with the love of adventure. Children from 12 years old are welcome to participate if the parent is an experienced paddler. We recommend that you bring a backpack with extra warm clothes, something cold to drink and good shoes Group with 7 people or more is arranged on request

Number of travellers: