Three day expedition with dogsledge

This three-day expedition will give you a uniquely-Arctic experience: travelling through the endless white in total silence. We will pick you up at the hotel at 9:00 and take you by car to Green Dog in Bolterdalen. Here you'll be suited up in winterdress (full-size suit, winter boots, hat and mittens) and the guide will give you an introduction to dogsledding before we head off. Everybody will help to harness the dogs and bring them to the sledge. The guide will drive in front with a guest on his sledge and the rest of the group will follow, single file, with two people to each sledge. Before we head out the dogs will be very eager to go, but as soon as we've departed you can enjoy the great silence , while viewing the fantastic nature of Svalbard. We will stay over night at Spitsbergen Expedition Lodge, a well-equipped cabin beautifully located in Brentskaret. From the cabin we can enjoy the wild landscape– a snow-covered universe where hunters and trappers have lived and hunted throughout history. The lodge is cozy with four bedrooms, a simple bathroom, gas cooking facilities in the kitchen and a great fireplace. We will stay here for the 4 nights. Upon our return to Green Dog, our guide will drive us back to town and we'll be at our hotel between 15:00 and 18:00.

Number of travellers:

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