Visit in Ny Ålesund with the hybrid boat Kvitbjørn

Ny Ålesund is considered to be the northernmost settlement in the world. The site was originally established for coal mining, which was the main activity here until 1962. A major accident in the mine led the coal mining operations to shut down. Since then, Ny Ålesund has developed into a scientific research base and holds a state-of-the-art research center in the High Arctic. Ny Ålesund is also known for being the starting point for explorers of the Arctic and the Arctic Basin. This was where Roald Amundsen landed with the airship Norway on its way to the North Pole in May 1926. You can still see the high mast that moored the airship during its stay. We travel with our brand-new closed hybrid boat «Kvitbjørn». Our journey begins by rounding Vestpynten outside Longyearbyen, to then head west out in Isfjorden towards Daudmannsodden. The 14.9-meter-long boat is very comfortable, with a modern design and innovative hybrid engine. After a couple of hours, we are on our way north in Forlandssundet in the direction of Kvadehuken and Kongsfjorden. The trip to Ny Ålesund normally takes about 4-5 hours. On the way we might stop at Poolepynten to greet the walruses. In total, the trip has a duration of 11-12 hours. The boat has a maximum capacity of 12 passengers. Age limit: 14 years. Please note that this is a long trip. The total distance traveled will be about 200 nautical miles. Welcome on board!

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